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The Thunderstorm

The Reset Button

The Nest

      Loving birds, I was hoping to attract them to my yard. In the spring, I purchased two birdhouses. One, I hung on a tree on the edge of the woods, and the other, for bluebirds, was hung on my house, outside a window, about 10 feet above the ground.

Goose Crossing

The Leopard

      One cold, rainy summer day in June, I pondered how to entertain my sister,
who was visiting for just a couple of days. She expressed a desire to go to the zoo, so in spite of the
cold weather and drizzle, to the zoo, we went!

The Short-Cut

      One day, after a long, day at work, I was walking on the city sidwalks, to the train station. I mused upon the events of the day and enjoyed the scenery—trees of autumn.

Escape from Thunder Island by Karen Marie Hood


Bicycle Rider


Pricker Bush


The Bean Stalk


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