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Forgotten Lunch

Foxy Frolic

The Wall

Cabbage Changeling

      The spring came late this year. As soon as the ground could be turned (which did not happen until May 1st) , we began planting the garden. Because of the lateness of the season, we planted the whole garden in one week.

Chipmunk Crisis

Mr. Bluebird Sings Again

      On the top of the Welsh dresser in the dining room stands the old ceramic bluebird.

The Enduring Bird-of-Paradise

      Over forty years ago, about 1976, I gave my mother a small bird-of-paradise plant as a gift, because she admired the beautiful bird-of-paradise flowers. The plant was very small, in a plant pot, perhaps 3 inches in diameter.

Strife at the Bird Feeder

The Scan

Orange Beach Hat

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