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Strawberry Patch Fugitives

      On a beautiful, sunny summer morning, my son called and invited me to join his family in an adventure in strawberry-picking. Since they were leaving early in the morning, I left immediately to join my son, his wife and three small granddaughters.

A Rose of Another Color

A Rose of Another Color

      Two small rose bushes were planted in our yard—one in the back and the other in the front. The first year, each produced one lovely, fragrant rose blossom.

Fate of a Pine Tree

      As the winter ended, and spring began, flowers bloomed, seedlings in the garden sprouted, birds chirped and began to build nests and leaves once again sprouted on the trees. This was true,

Perfect Fit

Frozen Locks

Beauty in Unexpected Places

The Thornbushes

      The Thornbushes

The Thunderstorm

The Reset Button

The Nest

      Loving birds, I was hoping to attract them to my yard. In the spring, I purchased two birdhouses. One, I hung on a tree on the edge of the woods, and the other, for bluebirds, was hung on my house, outside a window, about 10 feet above the ground.

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