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Fate of a Pine Tree

      As the winter ended, and spring began, flowers bloomed, seedlings in the garden sprouted, birds chirped and began to build nests and leaves once again sprouted on the trees. This was true,
at least, for all the trees, except one or two, in our yard. Someone inspected the pine tree, which towered 100 feet into the air, examining the tree from all angles, and announced that it had died. All the branches were bare, with no sign of life. The smaller pine tree, adjacent to it, also seemed to have met the same fate, perhaps because of some mysterious, unknown hazard, underground in our yard.
      The looming tree had a trunk, the diameter of which was one to two feet, and it was located on the border of our property and the street, so it was not clear what land the tree was on, but it was definitely in the path of power lines, and we were assured that we would not be able to cut it down ourselves, even if it was on our property. What a head-ache! For days, we worriedly pondered what should be the solution to dispose of these large, dead trees. I had been advised that the cost of cutting down trees was very large.
      One day, I happened to walk around the tree, to the street side. Much to my surprise, some tiny, barely-perceptible needles were sprouting on several lower branches of the tree! So, it was not completely dead! A few days later, there were a few needles sprouting on lower branches on the other side of the tree. Then I ventured to observe branches, which were higher—60 to 80 feet above the ground and saw that many branches were growing new, little pine needles!
      This pine tree had been resurrected, and the smaller tree was tagging along. What a relief it was to no longer have to worry about dead trees!
      So, it also happens that our Heavenly Father can bring the dead to life, when all hope seems lost, as He did with Yeshua the Messiah!