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The Stain

     I had an informal white skirt, that I especially like. One day, I was disappointed to discover two very large (2-inch diameter) brown-gold circles of a stain on the front of the skirt, prominently outside a pocket. I tried different stain-removers and washed the skirt repeatedly, but nothing worked to remove the stain. Also, I did not know what had produced the stain.

Mulberry Tree

      Our family has special affection for mulberry trees. My mother would relate to us, how, as a child, she would climb up in a mulberry tree, in her yard, and read a book, as she picked sweet mulberries, to eat. So, too, when I was a child, there was a mulberry tree in the corner of my yard, that I would climb into and pick and eat the berries.

Greedy Eater

      We have two Angora rabbits, Snowflake and Coconut, who are now nine months old. They were gifts from our family and the grandchildren and we love them.

Cut Telephone Cord

Follow Me

      My six-month old Angora rabbit, Snowflake, looked at us with innocent red eyes.
She had been moping during the day and did not run, leap and jump, as usual, but sat moodily on the floor.

Cover Up

      Our two Angora rabbits have a home-base, their warren (cage) in the office.

Forbidden Fruit

      My daughter’s family and granddaughters gifted me with two beautiful white, fluffy albino Angora rabbits. I had expressed an interest in raising Angora rabbits, and

Butterfly, Butterfly, Fly Away

      I spent quite a bit of time, trying to select a birthday gift for my 12-year old granddaughter.

New Life

Bird-of-Paradise Blossom

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