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The Email

The Contract

Poison Ivy

      We were very sad, when our next-door neighbors moved away, after having been such good neighbors for a number of years. These neighbors had given us extra plants, from their garden, including a tiny lilac bush, which was now taller than me.

Blood Test

Fallen Tree

       It was a bitter, cold wintery night and the wind howled, audibly inside our home. Though mostly cozy, actually we felt gusts of wind somehow permeate the windows and walls.

Forgotten Birthday

       One wintry afternoon, I stopped to visit my friend, Alice, who was recovering from back surgery.
She had been in much pain and I brought her a lovely, little plant, with orange blossoms, as a get-well gift.

Forgotten Lunch

Foxy Frolic

The Wall

Cabbage Changeling

      The spring came late this year. As soon as the ground could be turned (which did not happen until May 1st) , we began planting the garden. Because of the lateness of the season, we planted the whole garden in one week.

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