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Cover Up

      Our two Angora rabbits have a home-base, their warren (cage) in the office.
One of our goals is to teach the rabbits to be litter-trained. They have learned to use their litter box for liquid waste, but have not caught on to depositing droppings only in the litter box (though they are good and abstain from making droppings, when out of their warren).
      Since their warren is in my “warren” office, during the day, I periodically sweep up their droppings from the cage floor and deposit them in the litter box, hoping to help them learn that the litter box is the proper receptacle for droppings. Snowflake and Coconut have regarded the broom with hostility, growling at it, and attacking the broom, nipping at it. Since the broom is made of straw, they even attempt to eat pieces of the straw. One would wonder if they feel their droppings is a proper on the floor of their
      I continue to sweep up the droppings and put them in the litter box, petting them and letting them know that this is the proper place for the droppings.
      Then one day, they seemed to hit a compromise—they learned to lift up the cardboard on the bottom of the warren and shake it, so that all droppings fall off to the side of the cage. When the cardboard fits back in place, all droppings are gone and carefully under the cardboard. Then they sprawl onto the cardboard, like little, triumphant lions.
      And so we know that our Heavenly Father has pointed out our wrong-doings, our droppings and gave us a way to be clean, by trusting in Jesus (Yesus) to cleanse us from sin and live for Him.
      How easy it is to just do it our own way, to shake them off, out of sight and smile smugly that they are out-of-sight. Thank the Lord for His mercy.