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New Life

      We planted a tiny, dwarf apple tree, as a bare-root seedling, when we first moved into our house, 10 years ago. It grew slowly, holding its own against the elements. It even survived having family member clip the tree in the middle, mistakingly thinking that the plant would not survive. Nevertheless, the tree survived this trauma, as well as the yearly infestation, that ruined most of its leaves. It grew taller and this year, the plant has branches, that are 10 to 12 feet high. And this year, one of the branches bore some beautiful apple blossoms. This year was the first year that the tree bloomed and only one branch produced blossoms.

      My son bought a beautiful hibiscus plant last year , with lots of beautiful flowers. He explained that the plant was supposed to be hearty for the winter. I did not believe this, because, when I was a child, my mother had a hibiscus indoors. We were told that it was a tropical plant and wouldn't survive a Vermont winter (which can fall to -30 F). However, he believed that the plant would survive and he left the Hibiscus out for the winter.
      In the spring, it looked quite dismal and like it died, but he planted it in in the middle of the garden, with anticipation that it would revive. I was sceptical. All of a sudden this week, he showed me that it actually had come back to life. There are actually some new leaves growing out of the base.

      So, it is in life, when things look completely hopeless, we need to trust the Lord for His perfect will and promises. And, no matter how things appear, He can bring beauty and new life out of the lifeless and hopeless.