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      My six-month old Angora rabbit, Snowflake, looked at us with innocent red eyes.
She had been moping during the day and did not run, leap and jump, as usual, but sat moodily on the floor.
      Later, it was obvious that there was a problem with one of her eyes. It had been watering and the fur, near the eye was wet and matted, exposing the skin. It might have been uncomfortable, but rabbits don’t speak and also are usually silent.
      I took a cotton swab, and dipped it in warm, salty water, and Snowflake was cooperative, as I washed the matted fur, near the eye, to remove any stickiness. I tried to research on the internet how to treat eye conditions in rabbits and what might cause it. It
could have been caused by an irritating piece of hay, that rabbits like to eat.
      Later, I saw a small black fleck on the edge of the eye of Snowflake’s sister’s Coconut. So I took a q-tip and carefully removed the debris from the edge of Coconut’s eye, as she cooperated.
      The next day, Snowflake’s eye looked improved and the fur did not look wet or matted. Then we observed that Coconut was grooming Snowflake (as is their usual behavior). However, their routine was a little different, as Coconut was carefully licking
around Snowflake’s eye, (the eye that had been watering). At first, I was alarmed that Coconut might be harming Snowflake. However, it was apparent that her licking was very loving and careful. Both rabbits looked at me apprehensively, as if they did not want me to see them. Then Snowflake groomed Coconut around her eyes, in the same way.
      When Jesus (Yeshua) was on the earth, He taught us about God and gave an example of how to treat others—in behaving ethically and honestly with others, in compassion and kindness. We would do well to follow the rabbit’s example and help one another, as our Heavenly Father taught us.