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Greedy Eater

      We have two Angora rabbits, Snowflake and Coconut, who are now nine months old. They were gifts from our family and the grandchildren and we love them.
      Snowflake and Coconut look very much alike and are difficult to tell apart, though Snowflake is 11 pounds and Coconut is 10 pounds, both with albino pink eyes and long, white fluffy fur.
      In the morning, their first course of the day is parsley, which they love to eat (and they eat it so fast, it is like they are drinking it). Snowflake is polite and careful about what she eats, but Coconut is fast to grab anything for food. For Coconut, the food is always better if she can snatch it from the mouth of her sister, Snowflake.
      On this morning, I offered Coconut and Snowflake each a sprig of parsley. Coconut refused every offer of parsley from me, but Snowflake carefully and daintily began nibbling her sprig of parsley. I put the rest of the parsley in their food dish.
      Coconut ignored the abundance of parsley in the food dish and immediately snatched the parsley from out of Snowflake’s mouth and ate it. I did not want Snowflake to have the parsley stolen from her, so Coconut was immediately put in the time-out cage, where she raged and refused every parsley, that she was offered. Finally, she accepted offers of parsley from me, but after accepting each sprig of parsley, she would thrash her front paws and claws at my hand. She did that, multiple times, as if her attitude was that she was taking the parsley, by her own will and power, and for my hand to get out of her way, ASAP.
      Despite this display, when Coconut went back to share the warren with Snowflake, she did not to grab a parsley from Snowflake, but hopped carefully around Snowflake and took a parsley sprig from the food dish.
      How like we are like Coconut! How pride causes us to bite the Heavenly hand that feeds us. Instead of rejoicing over the parsley, as Snowflake does, we display our pride in obtaining the blessings, by our own work and success, when in reality all our blessings come from The Lord! How we should humbly receive our blessings in peace with others and give thanks to our Creator for His provision.