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Perfect Fit

     When we moved to our new home, some of our framed photos suffered the brunt of the move and the glass in the frames broke. Because of this, I had the task of replacing glass in 6 frames, with broken glass. After some research, I decided to replace the glass with plexiglass, because it weighs less, is less breakable and not as sharp, when it does break. At the hardware store, the sales man cut six pieces of plexiglass, to fit an 8” x 10” or 12” x 16” frames.
     Five of the pieces fit the corresponding picture frames exactly, but the sixth had been cut a fraction of a millimeter too long and it would not fit the frame, despite gentle coaxing and easing. I finally tried hammering it and a corner of the glass broke off, but it fit. However, we did not want more broken glass in the frame. At this point, the glass was not only useless in the frame, but because of sharp edges, was actually a hazard to have lying around the house. It was a nuisance to dispose of, as well, since sharp objects must be wrapped to cover and insulate dangerous, sharp edges from those who handle the trash.
     I wrapped the glass carefully and returned it to the hardware store for a refund,
which was courteously given.
     So, although the glass looked perfect, just being a fraction of a millimeter too large made it not only useless for the intended purpose, but a hazard and nuisance. So, it is with our imperfections. Though we may do many good, even outstanding deeds and obey the laws of God most of the time, that one seemingly insignificant infraction will disqualify us for God’s eternal kingdom and cause us to be a nuisance and hazard to have around! Thank the Lord for Yeshua, (Jesus), that He provided the atonement, to pay for our imperfections, so that we can be re-cut and re-sized to fit just exactly where God wants us.