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Beauty in Unexpected Places

       In back of our house, in a corner, we keep our trash cans, where the rubbish collects and is taken by the trash collection every week. Since it is not the most picturesque sight, I had tried to beautify the site, when we moved in, by planting herb seeds and mint plants. Unfortunately, though some of the herbs germinated, none of the herb plants thrived in that location. Eventually, it was overrun by ferns.
       About 12 feet above this area, we hung a birdhouse, and for the first time this year, saw wrens at work, bringing twigs in the house. If there is a family in the birdhouse, they are very quiet.
       Surprisingly, four foxglove plants grew up, in the spot, next to the trash and we didn't even realize what they were, until their lovely, lavender bell-like flowers opened! We don't know how they managed to sprout, but the birds, including hummingbirds, which come to the hummingbird feeder, hung above the birdhouse, must delight in it!
       So true in this troubled world, in the midst of decay and destruction, can arise beauty, as our Heavenly Father wants to encourage us and redeems what the world considers to be trash.