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The Reset Button

      On a cold winter day, we arrived home after work in the late afternoon, to our home, sweet home. The house was snuggly, but not so warm, as the inside temperature of the house had dropped to 51 F, just above the 50 F, the thermostat setting, when the house is unoccupied. As usual, we adjusted the temperature to 57 F, so that the evening temperature would be about 60 F.
      We attended to various activities, such as making dinner, reading the mail. When I went into the basement, it seemed unusually cold. That would not be helpful for the seedlings, that had planted in flats, in anticipation of spring gardens, I mused absent-mindedly.
      Later, we agreed that, in all our activity, we had never noticed that the furnace had not come on, when the thermostat was adjusted to 57 F. The house was still 51 F and cold. Impatiently, I raised the thermostat still higher, but the furnace did not come on. We checked the furnace, turned on and off a switch on the furnace, to no avail. We flicked another switch, labeled “oil burner”, but still the furnace did not start.
      We noted that the outside temperature was 34 F, still above freezing, but due to drop into the 20s that night. How would it feel to sleep in such temperatures all night? Someone in our family had a cold. How could the pipes be prevented from freezing?
      Next we changed the batteries in the thermostat, but the furnace did not come on.
There had been an electrical outage the night before, and a voltage reduction. Was the furnace damaged in all the mayhem? We called a relative for advice, and he suggested pressing a “reset” button. Good advice! But we did not see any reset button on the furnace. On a box, labeled “voltage”, was a button with a “+” sign – but what was that? There were several other signs on the furnace, warning not to touch anything, or to suffer burns or electrocution.
      We took photos of the furnace to send to our more knowledgable relatives, but did not send the phots, because they were dark and were not revealing of the furnace.
      Finally, as our last resort, we called the oil company, with whom we have a furnace service contract, which had seemed so expensive, at the time. It was the evening—who would want to fix our furnace in the evening? The answering service man was curt and unhelpful and hung up, without saying good-bye. We called back, to make sure that the call was acknowledged, and he rudely remarked that he had hung up, because he had “nothing more to say”.
      And so we waited and watched. Would the company honor the contract? And what could we do, if they did not? How would we keep warm?
      The phone rang and I raced to answer. A bored man's voice intoned, “So what seems to be the problem?” I explained the problem and he responded, “Did you press the “reset” button?” He retorted, “I might be able to come tonight, but there will be an extra charge for time and a half.” (This was news to me, as I thought the call was covered in the service contract). I explained that I had not seen any reset button on the furnace. He suggested that I go into the basement, to the furnace, while on the phone, so he could trouble-shoot with me. I told him that I did not know if the cordless phone would stay connected, if I went into the basement, but he said he would call back, if the connection broke.
      Much to my surprise, the phone connection did not break. Although I peered over the furnace, there was no “reset” button. There was, however, a red box at floor level, with a recessed button, with a “+” sign. I described this and he said, “Is it a Riello box?” Indeed, that label was on the box. He said, “Press that button!” So, on his instruction, I pressed the button, and the furnace came to life!
      We were both relieved and we were thankful to have heat. He was thankful not to have to make a house call and we were thankful not to need a house call and another bill. The house and we were saved from freezing!
      So, I had avoided the button with the “+” (sign of the cross), thinking it might cause bodily harm, but this was the very button that gave us warmth and provision! So, we all need to press the “+” button, accepting God's provision through the forgiveness that comes from believing in and receiving Yeshua (Jesus). Sometimes, that looks frightening or dangerous—what will happen if I trust Yeshua? What will God expect of me? What kind of persecution will it cause? We need encouragement from others to take that first step, and then to continue to follow Yeshua, through all that life brings. We need to press that reset (+) button!