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Strife at the Bird Feeder

      On a frigid day in January, a blizzard was coming. Schools were closed, public transportation was reduced and we were home for the day. Though we were in a warm home, outside the winds were howling and blinding snow was falling. I thought of the poor, shivering birds, that had to endure this blizzard and bundled myself up and went outside to fill the bird feeder with seeds. The bird feeder hangs from the house eaves, in front of our dining room window, so we can dine with the birds.
      The birds gratefully huddled in the large rhododendron bush and perched at the bird feeder to eat, despite the howling wind and fierce snow. I felt sorry for them, out in the cold, but had left open possible shelter-- a bird house and childrens’ play house with just a small window open.
      A lovely cardinal was feeding on the seeds and several rose-colored nuthatches. Then, much to my dismay, a squirrel jumped atop the feeder and managed to unscrew the top cover to reach the seeds for himself. Since the top has the chain that hangs from the eaves, the squirrel could have knocked the bird feeder to the ground, spilling all the seeds into the snow. It might have made him happy to get a few seeds, but the snow would soon have covered it.
      I angrily banged on the wall and shouted at the squirrel. He took note of me, stared at me defiantly and jumped directly on the window screen in front of me, to stare at me eye-to-eye! Whether he was being aggressive to intimidate me or to plead his case, I do not know. But my banging on the wall and shouting was impotent and he knew it. He jumped back onto the feeder to continue his pilfering of seeds. Enraged, I hastily put on boots, parka and gloves and grabbed a broom and raced outdoors, to confront this rodent. As I swung the broom, he fled from the bird feeder.
      Once again, inside the warm house, no sooner had I removed my coat and boots, then that sly little squirrel was right back on the bird feeder. Again, he ignored my banging and shouting. Again, I donned the boots, but not the coat, and grabbed the broom, heading outside for the bird feeder. Aiming the broom right for this little varment, the broom very narrowly missed him. He barely jumped off the bird feeder in time, to avoid a collision with the broom, and he scampered away. We did not see him again that day. The birds enjoyed the bird feeder in peace for the rest of the day.
      The squirrel may be like that thief that comes to do battle with our souls, to steal our peace and joy. We must persevere in our opposition and not give up in opposing the plans and schemes. In the process, we protect the welfare of the innocent and those who are unable to defend themselves.

      note: I do also have pity on squirrels. They are cute little animals. However, it is not a good idea to feed them. The squirrels in my yard had the idea that people in our home (perhaps previous owners used to feed them) should provide them with food. Therefore, they chewed holes in screens (they can do it in two minutes) to get inside. Thanks to this aggressive and destructive behavior, we can only keep windows open a slit, even on the hottest of summer days. I might leave bread out for them, but far away from any house.