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Cabbage Changeling

      The spring came late this year. As soon as the ground could be turned (which did not happen until May 1st) , we began planting the garden. Because of the lateness of the season, we planted the whole garden in one week.
      In one section, we planted a row, each, of broccoli and brussel sprouts, with a row of cabbage in between. When all the seedlings sprouted, the cabbage seedlings looked mighty strange. They also grew much larger and faster, and, by July, it was clear that the whole row of cabbage was actually turnip. I fumed over this, as I wondered, if I mistakenly bought a packet of turnip rather than cabbage seeds, and, to double the mistake, also ignored the package label when the seeds were planted.
      We don't happen to like turnip very well, but cabbage isn't a favorite either ( but still I knew more recipes, that use cabbage than turnip). Making the best of this error, we harvested some of the turnips and greens in July. The turnips and greens had matured very well. On the internet, we found a recipe for "tasty chicken turnip stew" and dared to try it, adding a little tomato sauce and cheese. It was delicious and probably rather nutritious.
      Finally, I had the time and nerve to check the empty seed packets, which were kept after planting. Sure enough, there was an empty package for cabbage, but none for turnip. It appeared that the seed company had put turnip seeds in a packet of cabbage seeds.
      Sometimes in life, our plans become mixed up or thwarted, sometimes, through no fault of our own. Sometimes like the cabbage coming up as turnip, life throws twists and turns at us. Thankfully we have a Heavenly Father, who we can trust, " And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28.