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Foxy Frolic

      We had just endured our first winder storm in January, with a little snow, followed by freezing rain, so that everything was covered with sparking ice. At noon, I ventured out the kitchen door, onto the deck, to have a look outside. The deck, outside the kitchen, is about 20 feet by 10 feet, and raised off the ground by one foot in front and three feet in the back, since the land, under the deck is sloping downwards. There is a crawl space under the deck, and rabbits make their homes in the crawl space. There are two small steps, that lead to the deck in the front. A large, orange plant pot, full of raspberry plants, sits on the ground, between the steps and the main house.
      Apparently, an animal was hiding behind the plant pot, at the bottom of the stairs, directly in front of the crawl space entrance. With the first step, which I took onto the deck, a large, beautiful, sleek red fox leaped into the air, abandoning his cover, next to the crawl space. Seeing me, the fox bounded away, full-speed, leaving foot-prints in the snow, five feet apart, across the yard, down the sidewalk, across the street and into my neighbor’s yard. Then, 300 feet away, the fox stopped, as if frozen, and stared back at me. Then it ran out-of-sight.
      It is likely that the fox had been stalking rabbits, who were possibly living in the crawl space. A rabbit was seen several weeks ago, hopping in the yard, in spite of the frigid winter weather.
      I was thankful that the fox had run away, when seeing me. There have been reports of rabid foxes in the area, attacking and biting people.
      We must heed the lesson of the rabbit and realize that, even when we feel safe in our den, the adversary can be waiting, just outside, for just the right opportunity to pounce upon us. We need to constantly seek the wisdom and help of our Heavenly Father to oppose the adversary of our souls.
      It also occurred to me that the fox might be able to fit into that crawl space too and I hope it does not make a den there!