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Mr. Bluebird Sings Again

      On the top of the Welsh dresser in the dining room stands the old ceramic bluebird.
It used to belong to my father and it could sing, "Zippity Doo-daa, zippity-day! My oh-my-ay, what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine coming my way! Zippity Doo-daa, zippity-day!"
      I remember our father singing, in his deep, rich, bass voice, "Oh, what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful day! I have a wonderful feeling—everything's going my way!"
      I had given this ceramic bluebird to him, when I was an adult, and he enjoyed it, but complained that it chirped too much.
      When Dad passed away, I was given the bluebird, and it sang for a short time, at poignant times, and then was forever quiet—no more singing or chirping. I assumed that it derived its power from solar cells, that did not work anymore.
      Nine years after Dad had died, my son was checking over the Bluebird and found that it actually ran on batteries, which had corroded! We put new batteries in the Bluebird and once again, it was singing the old song and chirping so much that I could understand Dad's complaint about too much chirping!
      Sometimes, something may seem lifeless and without hope, but our Heavenly Father can breathe new hope and life into a hopeless situation, just like the new batteries brought Mr. Bluebird back to life!