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The Wall

       One winter afternoon, I was enjoying the company of two young grandchildren, Emily and Bonnie. They were playing with their exciting pink play tent, shaped like a fairy-tale castle. At first, they were going to live in the castle together. But Emiy, the older one decided, that it would not be a good idea to live in such a small castle together, so she decided to build her own dwelling, next to the castle. She also felt that there needed to be a “wall” between the castle and her house. The younger child, Bonnie, did not want a wall, and so she kept knocking it down. Emily would then announced a new plan for the wall, and at each such announcement, Bonnie would cry and wail in great distress, turning to me for consolation.
       It began to sound like a very unhappy situation, with Emily announcing new plans for her wall, and Bonnie wailing and crying. Each time, Emily lectured Bonnie about how desperately the wall was needed, the reason it was necessary and her right to have it.
Bonnie simply did not want the wall, ignoring this discourse. (Meanwhile, between you and me, this “wall” was mostly fictitious, as no actual wall was visible).
       Finally, I said to Emily, “Perhaps it might work better, if you sell the idea of the wall to Bonnie. Instead of demanding it and telling her why YOU need it, let her know how it would be good for her—how it would benefit her.” (I just wanted them to have a good time together).
       Emily immediately put this suggestion into action and began explaining to Bonnie
how much fun she could have with a wall. She even promised to let her play with her special bouncy ball, that changes color, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, in exchange for letting her build the wall.
       That did it! Both little girls were all smiles—the imaginary wall went under construction and Bonnie was playing with the multi-color bouncing ball, at least for that time.
       So the problems of children turn into adult problems. Situations, in which people seem hopelessly embroiled in conflict can often work out solutions, by talking together and trying to resolve issues. It must please our Heavenly Father, when we work together for peaceful solution.