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Chipmunk Crisis

       Since we live near a wildlife sanctuary, a variety of wildlife live in our yard or occasionally wander through.  Rabbits play and sleep on the lawn and live under our porch.  Chipmunk frolic, especially near the bird feeder, because they like to eat the birdseed, that the birds drop.  I have a special affection for chipmunk, as some used to eat peanuts out of the hands of my sister and I, when we were children.
       We have a peaceful existence with rabbits and chipmunk, since our vegetable garden is safely behind a double fence, which they are not able to penetrate.  The squirrels, which I don't welcome, have made nests out of twigs on our roof and high in a dead trees.  Perhaps they feel safe from predators, since we have neither cat nor dog.  But there are such predators as hawks and snakes lurking in the area.
       One lazy summer afternoon, as I strolled by the garden, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a silent, but desperate situation in progress. A  big, black bird flew across the yard, with a strange red tail dangling from the bird.  On closer inspection, it appeared that this bird (hawk or crow) had snared a tiny chipmunk in its talons.  Flying across the yard and street, it flew high into a tree, 40 feet high and disappeared from sight.  The whole scenario occurred without a peep or whimper.  Sadly, I mused that that was the end of that unfortunate chipmunk.
       As I gazed at the talk tree, across the road, suddenly a small, red, furry blob fell from the top of the tree, to the ground!  It appeared to be that unfortunate chipmunk.  I ran across the road and peered at the wooded brush, beneath the mammoth tree.  There was no sign of any red, furry blob or any chipmunk, either wounded or stunned.  I can only assume that the little rascal had escaped certain death by the bird and fall and upon landing on the ground, was uninjured and had scampered off to safety.  What a close call for a chipmunk and daring escape!
       Like the chipmunk, we must be ever watchful of those spiritual adversaries, who lurking above, wait for an opportunity to swoop down and carry us as their prey. Thankfully we have a Heavenly Father, to whom we can pray for help, in time of need, and in time of need, He hears and delivers.