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The New Home


      I know of a family, that recently purchased their first home. They had been patiently looking for several years and finally fund the "right" house. They excitedly prepared to move, that is, everyone except their 3-year old child. He did not like the idea of moving at all. Afterall, this apartment, that he lived in for the 3 years of his life, was the only home he had known. His parents
had been patiently waiting for the opportunity to move to their own house, away from a noisy highway and odd, unpleasant odors, drifting in their windows from mysterious activities of neighbors, to a new house with privacy, more room and a yard. But the 3-year old thought the apartment, with all the short-comings, was home. Although his parents might not appreciate jack-hammers pounding the street outside all night, the 3-year old could watch construction vehicles outside the window for hours.
      Although to an adult, this scenario may seem silly, how very typical it is for us all. We become used to the status quo and the unknown is often fearful. And so our heavenly Father deals patiently with us, wanting us to trust Him with every change, that He can care for us. Sometimes what we most fear, He knows will be to our advantage, just as the new house will for the little child, who prefers to stay in the old apartment.