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The Broken Window


     One evening my son and I were enjoying a visit together in my home, and we were backing up computer files. As we walked through the house, we suddenly heard a loud crash. We both ran to look out the windows, to see the cause of the crash, but saw nothing unusual.
     After my son went home, I went into my bedroom and heard a raging wind of winter storm outside and hoped my son would have a safe trip home. The wind seemed to batter one of the windows and was blowing right through the window with more force than I had ever seen. “My,” I thought, “this is some storm, that the wind acts like there is no window at all.”
     Suddenly I saw a large sheet of jagged glass at the base of the window and realized why the wind was blowing with such abandon, right through the window. The glass in the window had shattered, because of the strength of the wind, I conjectured. I was too afraid to open the shade or curtain, for fear of being laced with glass fragments, turned into flying razors by the wind. I tried to sleep, as the wind howled and rattled the window and left-over glass and shade.
     In the morning, I arose early for work, but as I walked by the house, I looked at the outside of my bedroom window, to see if there was anything amiss. Much to my shock, a 50-foot tree had been partially uprooted and had fallen on the house, right on top of the roof, over my bedroom. A relatively tiny branch had broken my window. The top of the tree rested on the roof, making a small hole, but dangled dangerously over some wires and the porch.
     Before the day was over, the tree and another nearby tree had been safely cut down and removed. We were thankful that no one was hurt by glass or the tree.
     Sometimes we rationalize life by the bare facts or circumstances, as we see them. I thought the fierce wind had shattered my window, because I could not see the large fallen tree, as the larger cause, until break-of-day, when the sunlight illuminated the whole picture. In life, we need to ask for the Son-light (God’s light) for wisdom to perceive the whole truth and not just a section of it.