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The Chipmunk


    As I was waiting for my trolley, sitting on a bench by the tracks, I had time to step back from the busy routine of life and reflect on other things. As I peacefully perused the surroundings, I caught sight of a little chipmunk, who was perched upon the ramp, that goes over the track. He then darted off the ramp and disappeared underneath the ramp, between the tracks. I was musing about why a chipmunk would make a home in such a dangerous and noisy place, where there are so many other quieter and safer places to live. What could possibly draw him to such a place? How often do chipmunks get hit by the trolleys? Perhaps the noise and confusion would also repel his natural predators as well? As I was silently musing on this situation, the chipmunk reappeared from underneath the ramp and once again squatted on the edge of the ramp, alertly surveying his surroundings. I began to make chirping noises at him, in an effort to be friendly in some fashion, and he looked in my direction alertly.
    Suddenly a man walked past me, on his way to the other side of the track. He indulgently and nonchalantly nodded and smiled at me, perhaps amused that I was making a spectacle of myself by chirping. I wanted to point at the chipmunk and exclaim how cute he was, but the man had already turned and started to walk across the ramp. He never saw the chipmunk, who had once again, vanished beneath the ramp. I once again mused and wondered how often I had been too busy and distracted to notice the secret joys and miracles in life.