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    As part of my daily work routine, I keep records. At one time, there was a disagreement among people that I was doing work with. My co-workers wanted to have some items changed and felt that I had not done things, in accordance with instructions that were originally given. At one point, my overseer checked my records and told me that she felt that I had been instructed to do things in a certain way and that I had, for some reason, not followed those instructions. She said that my records verified this. I asked to see the records that she had looked at.
    Upon looking at those very same records, I saw personal notations that I had written for my own use. I knew what they meant: That I had checked to see if there were already items available, that could be used, and found none. However, there was something very similar and it could be copied and edited for the purpose at hand. I explained this to my overseer and she looked at me blankly and smiled. I realized that she did not believe my explanation and thought that I had simply forgotten the meaning of my own notes!
    As far as the job went, it made very little difference. But I began to muse on the irony of having my own words totally misinterpreted, and even when I explained them, I was told that I could not explain the meaning of my own words. I wondered how God must feel about His word in the Bible. He wrote it and how must He feel, when people read it and draw all kinds of ideas and interpretations that He never meant. Perhaps that is a really good reason to ask Him for help in understanding Him and His word.