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Six Wild Turkeys on a Hill


     This morning, as I was walking through Brookline, on the way to work, enjoying the crisp air, I rounded a bend and saw several people focusing their camera phones on something. With apprehension, I continued, wondering what was the focus of their interest and photography! They were watching 6 beautiful wild turkeys that were silently standing atop a hill, in front of an apartment complex, just 2 blocks from the hospital district of Boston!
     A lady, next to me, mentioned that the wild turkeys are beautiful, but dangerous birds. I told her that I did not think that they were harmful and that one follows me almost every day. I have met this particular turkey, almost every day, in the same neighborhood in Brookline, during my morning walks. I finally named him "Gabriel".
     At home, this year, we decided not to have turkey this Thanksgiving, abandoning a life-long tradition. Since we had invited a friend, who is a vegan, to join us, we considered having a vegan Thanksgiving. However, she had other plans, and we opted to have cornish game hens instead. I suppose if I had ever become friends with a cornish game hen, I would not have wanted to eat that either.