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Amazing Directions

      After the new year holidays, it was cold and there was a little snow on the ground.
There were some gifts, that had not been delivered to our relatives, who lived in a neighboring town. Rather than mail the presents to the town, which was 30 miles away, I decided to deliver them in person, after work. To do this, I was planning to travel by the subway, so I looked up directions on how to walk from the subway to their home.
      After work, I set embarked on this errand, taking the subway and disembarking at the planned location. When I emerged from the subway, I needed to ask someone to point me in the right direction on the main road, because I did not know which direction was north or south. As I quickly surveyed the people around me, I spied a young man, who was just emerging from the same subway exit, that I had just left, and he was a couple of feet away. As I approached him and prepared to ask what direction was “south” on the street, I was, at first, startled by a shocked expression on his face. Suddenly my own expression turned to shock, as well, as I recognized that he was none other than my relative’s son! And I was about to ask him directions to my parents’ house!
      He was surprised to run into me, outside the subway exit, but I was even more surprised, as I explained that I was about to ask him for directions to his parents’ home.
He was not going there himself, as he apparently lived nearby and was going to his own home. He gave me the needed directions and I gave him his holiday gift and we briefly
chatted and hugged good-bye. I went on my way, to his parents’ home. Once, there, I
explained about the amazing coincidental meeting and we all marveled at it and exchanged gifts.
      I marveled over how the odds were so small that the chance meeting would ever
happen, that I had picked that subway and that route (though my relative had suggested
another subway). The exact timing that both he and I would be there at the same time
and leave the subway by the same exit! Our heavenly Father is able to control all timing
and can orchestrate things, just according to His purpose.