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Goose Crossing

      In summer, during my stroll through the city, from my job, homeward-bound, at the end of the work day, often flocks of Canadian geese would wait by the road, for an opportunity to cross the busy city street. At times, a large gaggle ( a dozen or more) would waddle together, in the crosswalk (of course!), to cross the street. Sometimes, they seem to wait for the pedetrian walk light, before crossing!
      When they waddle, with dignity, across the street, the cars stop and patiently wait for them to cross. It is touching to watch tired motorists in their cars, give up the hectic ride home, even for a few moments, as they patiently wait for the flock of geese to waddle across the road. Only an ocassional car (not goose) will impatiently honk!
      Other times, the Canadian geese are able to fly. So, why is it, that the geese risk the danger of being hit by a car, to waddle across the road, instead of fly. To get an answer to that question, you might have to ask a goose! Since I don't speak their language, I will surmise that they have watched people cross the street in this way, and are immitating them.
      What can we learn from the geese? Are they missing out, by copying us, instead of taking to the skies in flight? We ought to keep our eyes on our Heavenly Father and His ways, and soar above the traffic of life, instead of blindly following after the crowd, and incurring risk that He would shield us from.