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The Short-Cut

      One day, after a long, day at work, I was walking on the city sidwalks, to the train station. I mused upon the events of the day and enjoyed the scenery—trees of autumn.
      As I approached the station, I was in the back of a noisy, boisterous group of young people, laughing and shouting. Instead of walking on the sidewalk, they decided to take a short cut by cutting across the circular roadway, made for buses to pull in at the station. It looked convenient to follow them, as I was tired, preoccupied and appreciative of walking a few less feet. Therefore, I quietly followed the crowd, into the street, to cross, haphazardly. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an automobile coming quickly around the bend. Hastily, I ran to get out of the road, back onto the sidewalk. The noisy group, mostly out of the road, gave a fleeting, concerned look at the car and went on.
      How easy it is for us to be lead astray, taking a short-cut to avoid the longer and safer path. But it is always best to follow our Heavenly Father and seek His wisdom, even if it takes longer and is a little lonelier.