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Hot Pavement


  My little 2-year old granddaughter had come to visit, dressed in a cute, little summer outfit, decked with a necklace, that she had decorated herself with and her curly hair. Our family had a pleasant time outside, watering the garden, and the children played with the toys.
  When it was time to go, her father instructed her to put on her shoes. With typical 2-year old defiance, she exclaimed, “No!” She did not want her shoes on!! Carrying her shoes, I let her lead me down the front walkway to the sidewalk. Since I had on my shoes, I did not realize that the summer pavement was rather hot from the midday sun. My granddaughter began to show discomfort of walking on the pavement and suddenly began to shriek. Quickly I picked her up, and put on her shoes. She was still reluctant to have them on, but now saw the necessity and gratefully accepted the help and had a new sense of the value of shoes.
  How we are like this to our Heavenly Father, refusing to do the most obvious and sensible instructions for a safe and healthy life! And thankfully, there are many situations where He is patiently waiting to see the wisdom of His instructions.