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The Seedling


  We endured a frigid winter and were delighted to see the spring arrive with the lovely colors of crocuses, tulips, daffodils, dogwood. New to our home, I worked diligently to turn over soil, to begin a vegetable garden. The ground, never having been cultivated, was a challenge, being over 50% rocks and stones (true to New England). Every shovel-full of soil required patience to remove the stones. I wanted to get on with the work of planting peas, which are supposed to be planted, as soon as the soil has unfrozen and can be shoveled. However, it was necessary to wait, until the others could help me put up a fence around the garden, to prohibit the wildlife from eating the vegetables.
  One small family member had sprouted a bean seed and wanted to plant it in the garden. Without waiting for assistance, in her enthusiasm, she planted it in a spot that she chose, unfortunately, right in the middle of the path and garden gate. The young seedling was sure to be trampled in that spot.
  When I cautioned that the location must be changed, to ensure the future of the seedling, the young gardener burst into tears, resistant at the idea of uprooting the seedling and replanting it to a safer spot.
  How we are so like this with our Heavenly Father—making our plans and choices, without consulting Him and rushing full-steam ahead with our plans. Just as it was plainly obvious to me that the seedling was in peril, so He knows all and what is best for us, sometimes frustrating and upsetting our plans. It is best to relax and let Him direct us.