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Monkey Bars


  I so enjoy my precious grandchildren, and accompanying them to the playground is a treat. On this occasion, one older child was nimbly climbing the monkey bars, while the younger 3-year old watched with awe and tried to do the same. She managed, with diligence, but had difficulty climbing on the bars. There was no doubt that the bars were spaced for longer arms and legs, than a 3-year old would have. Having reaching the low level, which was actually quite a feat, she wailed dismally that she could not climb any higher and was lamenting that she was too little and her legs and arms could not reach the bars. The sorrow in her voice reflected her misery over this failure and the hopeless belief that it would never, ever be different. Though her father gently reminded her that she would grow bigger and then would be able to climb the monkey bars, she looked at him doubtfully.
  And so we can learn a lesson from this, when we too confront life's disappointments, with what looks like impossible situations, that will never change. We need to trust in our Heavenly Father, who is abounding in infinite wisdom and knows from the beginning to the end.