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The Fledgling


      The push lawn mower is not gas or electric-powered, so it is an energy-saving device, but apparently the terror of the backyard anyway. Last week, it frightened away a baby rabbit. This week, I spied in the path of the mower, what appeared to be a dead bird. With gloved hand, I picked up the fragile animal, only to have it pleadingly open its little beak wide, apparently a baby robin, still very much alive!
      Running to the porch, I put the fledgling on the porch and went to find a container, a box or basket, in which to keep the bird safe. Returning empty-handed to the porch, to my surprise, I found the bird, that had first appeared to be dead and then, wounded, hopping energetically all over the porch. I watched it, hoping it would not fall off the porch edge, where the drop is several feet to the ground. It finally hopped off the porch and into a very large flower pot, in which raspberry bushes were growing. I could not have thought of a better "nest" for the fledgling myself!
      Then I hurried off, trowel in hand, to dig for worms in the garden, to feed the hungry little bird, who opened its beak at me, pleadingly, whenever I peaked at it. I did not have any success in finding worms, but did see one or two mature robins, also looking for food, who seemed to find success with some insect in their beaks, and who showed great interest in the flower pot, where the little fledgling was hiding. I realized that the baby bird's parents could do the job so much better than I, and just hoped they would not be scared off by the flower pot.
      When I checked the flower pot a couple of hours later, the baby bird was gone. Apparently he was able to get out either by himself, or with the help of his parents. Joyful chirps of robins could be heard all over the yard, and I believe he was safe under their instruction. My only contribution in all that was to remove the fledgling from the path of the lawn mower, but I was thankful for the experience to get better acquainted with my feathery neighbors.

      So our Heavenly Father can use us in small ways and then we must get out of His way and let Him do the rest! My purpose was to move the baby bird out of harm's way, but the bird found the best temporary nest and his parents found the best food in the most efficient manner.