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Last Minute Plans


      I try to be organized and have things ready in advance, as much as possible. By telephone, I had called a friend to invite her to attend an event with me. She was not home, and a family member said to call back in an hour. Subsequently, I called back an hour later and several times more, but there was no answer.
      Concluding that she really did not want to go and just could not tell me, I sent a final invitation by email, and forgot about it.
      The next morning, everything was on schedule and I prepared to leave, but gave a last check of my email. There was an answer to my email invitation from my friend, saying she wanted to go to the event afterall. Strangely, it was 8:45 am when I discovered this email, and that is exactly the time I needed to leave, in order to pick her up! This might have been stressful, except that everything was ready early. Therefore, I left immediately and was exactly on time (9:30 am) to pick her up.
      Sometimes, it may appear that plans may not work out. It is then that we need to give up the plans to God and not give up hope, trusting God with the result. Keep striving for the goal and let God give the result.